Project Description

Welcome to our blog!

We are three UW-Madison students in Dr. Sarah Anderson’s Contemporary American Poetry class (English 631), and this is the medium for our group project. This blog is a gathering of our individual and combined research on social justice poetry, an intellectual space that exhibits the development of our study of this genre over the course of the semester.

According to A. Vincent Ciardiello, Social Justice Poetry Is:

Poetry using the power of figurative language to combat social injustices and inspire democratic visions of a fair and just society.

A Note on the Title and Aesthetic of Our Blog

  • We chose to title our blog “Melting Margins” to metaphorically reflect how margins frame the poems we read on a page or screen, and the relevant duplicity of how social justice poems are written by and for the voices pushed to the outside boundaries of society, coupled with the conviction that poetry can spark change by dissolving these barriers.
  • The simplistic theme of lined notebook paper with standard fonts and a black-and-white color scheme emphasizes the literary blog topic without distracting from the primary feature: the poems themselves.

From Dr. Sarah Anderson’s Fall 2013 Syllabus:

The goals of the project:

• to have you create something that will inform your classmates
• to learn beyond the limitations of the syllabus
• to gain broad knowledge of a particular topic related to poetry in the 20th or 21st centuries
• to gain specific knowledge of a particular poet within that topic.

How the project will work:
• You will be assigned to a group of students, and together will select and research a particular topic related to poetry in the 20th or 21st centuries. You may chose a topic from the list below or develop your own, but you must confirm your selection with me to avoid group overlap.
• You will produce an annotated bibliography to display your research.
• Following completion of that, each member will pursue unique study of a poet related to that broad topic.
• Combining that information, your group will produce a product (in a format of your choosing) that will display your knowledge and inform your audience.

Requirements of the Project (details for each, below):
• Mini-presentation on progress of annotated bibliography (Oct. 8)
• Annotated Bibliography (Oct 29)
• Project Outline (Nov 12)
• Final Project and Presentation(due last week of class)


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