Social Justice Poetry Capstone

This video is a collection of three poems by social justice writers on the topic of race in America. The pictures connected with the audio are meant to further attach words to their images in the mind, to depict more easily the comparisons from the poet’s method to our own thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Social Justice Poetry Capstone

  1. It is curious to hear the poems with the visual accompaniment! Thank you for bringing these poems in conversation with each other.

  2. This is so great! Good job.
    I also found this quote interesting because the woman is of mixed ethnicity and has romantic relationships with other women, which I feel makes her even more of a minority. It really highlights the explicit and implicit prejudices that she is trying to expose while showing her inner conflict as she is affected by her culture in how she sees herself:
    “Police officers don’t suspect me. Store owners like me. White strangers don’t feel threatened by me. Racists get too comfortable with me. Homophobes unknowingly befriend me. My straight white doppelgänger and I ride the subway together as I try to lose her in crowds and leave her behind at parties. I dispel her with the perpetual coming-out, the casual “I’m not white,” the introduction of my partner.
    I’ve spent most of my adult life actively trying to evade her. But every time I sit down with new people, I know that she sits down first.”
    Find the full article at:

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