Where Does it all Lead?

In the end, we see how social justice poetry has grown from a history of speaking out and seizing an identity. Now, it is all around us, flowing through poems and voices, stretching from the page to the voice to the ear. We are the audience and the speaker. Rachel Rostad is a young poet, carrying on the legacy. But she is also a college student, a person. An individual with words and experience, bringing back the history of social justice to the public sphere.



3 thoughts on “Where Does it all Lead?

  1. I really like how this highlights the social and personal expectations of particular races and ethnicities. It also shows how it can restrictive the expectations can be.
    I also really like this poem: http://www.upworthy.com/watch-a-student-totally-nail-something-about-women-that-ive-been-trying-to-articulate-for-37-years-6?c=reccon1
    It exposes how these expectations can be applied to women and how this enculturation can be socially restricting for them later in life.

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